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Episode 17 – the Missing Episode – Tribute

I suppose I should be pleased. All the best of ancient British have them…though to be honest… I’d rather not repeat that again in the future.
I am, of course, referring to the mythical missing episode.

Up until the 1970’s, it was standard practise to wipe/delete/erase older works for TV in order to make room for newer, and potential more lucrative ones. It never occured to anyone that people would voluntarily sit down and re-watch series over (and over and over and over and over) again. And still enjoy it to boot!

Some missing episodes, of course, are more missing than others – I know certain geeks who would sell their own mothers left arm to acquire 1960’s episodes of Doctor Who, while the loss of the Cliff Richard show is…well…not quite as earth shattering.

Still, even way back in the dark recesses of time (which is how I view the 60’s and 70’s) it turns out that there were little hoarders, and every now and again, one of these much adored eps appears, insulated through time, by other crap no one thought to sort through! I believe that 7 such Doctor Who episodes have been relocated recently.

As to our episode 17? Well, it’s toast. For some reason,our (royal our, I own not the laptop) previously faithful and loyal laptop decided that it HATES us, and wants to make us suffer, deleting us (THE CHEEK).

So, even though it would have been the best one EVER, and instead has been reduced to binary nonsense, I’m leaving this up as a tribute to episode 17. It’s like the Tenacious D song.

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