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Reed Diamond – Third times the charm!

Culturally Fixated is delighted to welcome back  – by popular demand – the wonderful, delirious and hilarious
Reed Diamond!
In our third annual chat, Reed and I are particularly loopy as we chat about all things Whedon – from his Much Ado About Nothing* experience, to Dollhouse, to S.H.I.E.L.D. and the true story behind being a Whedonite; the completed third season of Franklin and Bash and his guest appearances on Bones and The Mentalist.
Reed and ever-present booze…
From there, it’s obvious that we’d wander onto Shakespeare (where I *hilariously* mis-name the Henry’s (heads desk) and fail to notice (heads desk harder), wine, cheese and twitter. We both get a little ranty … though I’m noticeably more venomous and bitter.
He also hints at a move away from his go-to characters Likable Dick and Hapless Loser…which might explain his current beardy look!


It’s not going too far to say that this has been one of my favourite podcasts to record ever. Any hope for a plan went out the window a few seconds in and I spend half of it in stitches. Reed is a spectacularly awesome person in generally – as any of his followers can attest – who was On Top Form and demonstrates his epic mastery of the English accent.
Listen here!

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Episode 3.11 – Chat with Reed Diamond
Much Ado About Nothing will be released on DVD in the UK on the 7th of October 2013.
We’ve very good. Practically not offensive at all.
Nevertheless, those of an especially sensitive nature might want to brace themselves.
Practically nothing. Reed is a man of principle.

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Say hi to Reed on Twitter. Don’t be shy – he’s delightful – @ReedDiamond

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