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SNL – Marvel Future Films

The premiere of the 40th season of Saturday Night Live was hosted by the ever affable Chris Pratt – star of the Guardians of the Galaxy film.

While the live sketches seemed a bit flat (and surprisingly reliant on cue cards); there were some pre-recorded gems.


Transatlantic SMASH


Remember how Steve has been too busy to record any podcasts? Sorry! But he was indeed busy doing something very cool, and very silly! Making a movie!

Check it out here and if you like it, please share it, tweet it, facebook it, paint the address across your boobies and flash em (not really..)?


The Hobbit Hunger Games

You’re welcome.


This is why I go to cons.

How I Met Your Mother Alt Ending

No one loves the original ending of HIMYM more than the Lost guys.

Finally, a finale that shatters a (10 year) run more defiantly than their own!

But don’t worry, here’s the ‘official’ alternative ending, included on the DVD by popular demand!

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