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Disney Princesses – Dina Goldstein

The Fallen Princesses series by Dina Goldstein


A different sort of homage…


fallen princesses 01 fallen princesses 02 fallen-princesses-03


Disney Princesses – Different Ethnicities

Tumblr user TT has created the following amazing re-imaginings of Disney Princesses. There’s a ton of princesses and it’s worth having a look at the site at lettherebedoodles to see them all!

My personal favourite of the ones I’ve seen so far is Snow White – she looks amazing!

Disney - ethnicity 01
Disney - ethnicity 09 Disney - ethnicity 08 Disney - ethnicity 07 Disney - ethnicity 10 Disney - ethnicity 11

Disney - ethnicity 13 Disney - ethnicity 03

Christmas Moovies – While You Were Sleeping

while you were sleeping

My Christmas movie marathon has begun.

While I do adore the festive season; I’m an even more complete sucker for the feel good films that it spawns.

Have spent my Sunday evening curled up in front of a fire, sipping hot chocolate with tiny pink and white marshmallows and welling up at the loveliness that is one of the finest rom-coms ever.

It’s so refreshing seeing a film with romantic leads that are over 25; have faces that move; funny and witty dialogue; secondary characters that consist of more than just quirks and a decent storyline…

Ok the storyline is daft…but beautifully so!

For any of you that might have missed it, check out the trailer below.

This is undoubtedly a Christmas film primarily because it’s set at Christmas time but I could watch it any time of the year…over and over again which is why I’ve made one of those mental rules that only allows me to watch it…well…about now!

So…are ye’s all of you judging me? Or do you have any build-up-to-the-holidays films that you’re watching? As always, comments muchly appreciated!

while you were sleeping gif

Two Beatles Songs

Himself and I were discussing artists that were considered a bit naff when we were younger, but that we had always loved.

The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Abba were at the top of my list.

My two favourite’s Beatles songs are Blackbird and Dear Prudence.

(For an alternative brilliant version of Dear Prudence – check out THIS version from the Beatles based musical Across the Universe)

Do you have any musical loves that you didn’t always feel were so cool? Who are they and which are your favourite songs?

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