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Culturally Fixated has moved!

Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere really – if you’re a subscriber on itunes, the episodes will still be there for you.

But if you want the posts and general chit chat, please link here instead!



Thanks so much to our 2014 guest star superstars!!

2014 has been a bit of a quiet year for Culturally Fixated.

While the podcasts were few and far between, each conversation was a delight! I had a fantastic time with wonderful people!

We would like to express all the THANK YOUs we can to the following wonderful people!!

Thanks Leah

Leah Cairns

thanks munich


Thanks 02

Sandeep Parikh

thanks sandeep

Reed Diamond

thanks reed

Thanks 01

and – technically a 2015 interview, but what the heck – too good an interview not to get the thanks out as early as possible –

thanks magda

Magda Apanowicz




Happy New Year!!

From all of us at Culturally Fixated…



First off, I have to apologise on behalf of both members of the Culturally Fixated team.  We have not managed to get together to record for ages! That is mostly my fault, I went and got married, and honeymooned, and this seems to have taken up all my time!
We promised to get back to doing, what we laughingly call, our best as soon as possible.  In the meantime, here is a lovely picture of us at my wedding.  Don’t we look pretty?

Roll on 2012 already…

Regular listeners will no doubt be aware that we are done for the year.
No end of year wish lists, no signing off as the duo of dynamo that we obviously are, not even a chance to get together for some giggles and oddness (though let’s be honest, last years Christmas episode is probably weird enough for the next five years or so).
My apologies. My nose hates me.

However…next year…NEXT YEAR it will all be different!

#CultFix Season 3 will be starting in January.
It’ll be bigger…
It’ll be betterer…
It will be regular-er…

Listen below as Steve does the official sign off for the year.

Looking forward to chatting with you all properly again soon!

Mobile link.


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