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Disney Princesses – Dina Goldstein

The Fallen Princesses series by Dina Goldstein


A different sort of homage…


fallen princesses 01 fallen princesses 02 fallen-princesses-03

Disney Princesses – Different Ethnicities

Tumblr user TT has created the following amazing re-imaginings of Disney Princesses. There’s a ton of princesses and it’s worth having a look at the site at lettherebedoodles to see them all!

My personal favourite of the ones I’ve seen so far is Snow White – she looks amazing!

Disney - ethnicity 01
Disney - ethnicity 09 Disney - ethnicity 08 Disney - ethnicity 07 Disney - ethnicity 10 Disney - ethnicity 11

Disney - ethnicity 13 Disney - ethnicity 03

Disney Princesses as Game of Thrones Characters

The Wonderful World of Westeros

Deviant Artist Sam Tsui has created some amazing cross over art. 

Featuring Disney heroines as Game of Thrones characters!!


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