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Christmas Moovies – While You Were Sleeping

while you were sleeping

My Christmas movie marathon has begun.

While I do adore the festive season; I’m an even more complete sucker for the feel good films that it spawns.

Have spent my Sunday evening curled up in front of a fire, sipping hot chocolate with tiny pink and white marshmallows and welling up at the loveliness that is one of the finest rom-coms ever.

It’s so refreshing seeing a film with romantic leads that are over 25; have faces that move; funny and witty dialogue; secondary characters that consist of more than just quirks and a decent storyline…

Ok the storyline is daft…but beautifully so!

For any of you that might have missed it, check out the trailer below.

This is undoubtedly a Christmas film primarily because it’s set at Christmas time but I could watch it any time of the year…over and over again which is why I’ve made one of those mental rules that only allows me to watch it…well…about now!

So…are ye’s all of you judging me? Or do you have any build-up-to-the-holidays films that you’re watching? As always, comments muchly appreciated!

while you were sleeping gif

Christmas Shoe – song

Found a Christmas channel (IT’S FAR TOO EARLY!!) this morning while faffing about which was airing The Christmas Shoes (poor Rob Lowe) – a particularly cheap and soulless Christmas offering.

But the song that ‘inspired’ it (which was in it’s turn based on a chain email letter called The Golden Slippers in the 90’s) is truly RISIBLE!! Perhaps the worst Christmas song of all time.

Listen here…IF YOU DARE!!!


What *was* that show?

So, many many (many many many) moons ago, I was a youngling. One obsessed with tv and film.

It’s a shock, I know, but try to imagine it. Without the internet I had to rely on my memory for the good stuff.  And if you’ve ever met me, you’ll understand that while some people are bad at remembering names, I have some sort of pathological inability to place names on people (like my best friend…or my brother) let alone something as intangible as a tv series that I watched many years ago!

Over the years, I’ve managed to track down most of the tv or films that stayed with me via the t’nterweb, twitter and friends of similar age (and obsession). Three in particular have eluded me.

This evening, I shouted out on twitter with a very vague description and lo and behold…I have answers!!


Vague Description the 1st 

Siblings. Magic. TV. Glowing red and blue balls. Richard O’Brien type mentor.


Two friends took up the challenge.

One – @WatcherMark – suggested Wail of the Banshee – and I was almost convinced this was it – mostly because there was very little information available on the net and nothing on youtube (how rare is that nowadays). For certain, I have seen at least an episode or two.

However, it was @hopenlesmyth that actually hit the nail on the head with The Ink Thief (which actually stars Richard O’Brien – note to self, trust instincts…check imdb). The VHS on amazon is approximately £80…so I’ve picked up a copy of the book instead…for a more reasonable 1p (before p&p).  Sadly the actual episodes can’t be embedded but here’s a song from Ro’B that featured in the show!


Vague Description the 2nd

For the second, I was vague to the point of not being entirely sure if I was actually remembering a tv show or a bit of a dream. Obviously I didn’t mention that to the pair above who had proven so fan-tab-u-lis-tic earlier!

3 sisters. Youngest was smart and wild. Punished by being put in a well. Possibly magic. Swords. Had to marry 1 of 3 brothers? Never saw the end.


A private twitter user recommended that I have a look at some lists on imdb.

I said thanks and mentally resolved to unfollow at some point in the future.

Then they sent a link to a specific list  and I mentally resolved not to be such a cow in the future. Because, halfway down the page – there it was!

Fantaghiro –  an Italian fantasy film, split into two parts and dubbed into English and renamed The Cave of the Golden Rose.

This was only available for £25 on amazon so I had a quick look on youtube and discovered that some person had – rather wonderfully – uploaded a really poor version with English subs just for me to verify and watch with a gless that borders on the unattractive!

I’m so excited to watch the full thing (and it turns out that there are 4 sequels – at least 1 of which stars Brigitte Nielsen!!)

Just one of my childhood shows left to track down. I haven’t mentioned this one on twitter as it’s literally only a snippet of a memory of perhaps a dream.

Vague Description the 3rd 

Fairy prince. Advisers are trying to steal his kingdom. Needs human boy to help him. Very…green? Magic?

SNL – Marvel Future Films

The premiere of the 40th season of Saturday Night Live was hosted by the ever affable Chris Pratt – star of the Guardians of the Galaxy film.

While the live sketches seemed a bit flat (and surprisingly reliant on cue cards); there were some pre-recorded gems.


The Hobbit Hunger Games

You’re welcome.


This is why I go to cons.

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