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Stalker Soundtrack

stalker gif

Recently at our Medusa book club, we discussed the new TV series Stalker and it’s soundtrack which primarily consists of re-imagined 80’s hits performed in the creepiest way possible.

I thought that it might be fun to gather them all in the one place. Which it was, for I am all the contentment at a good bit of compiling lists.

Then I listened to it… and yup, CREEPY is the word!


*I’d have included a Spotify playlist but unfortunately most of the songs aren’t included on it.


Chat with Magda Apanowicz

So, maintaining my tradition (of a year ago *ahem*), I am officially calling in 2015 with a Canadian.

Last year it was the delightful Leah Cairns (who I will absolutely be bringing back for a chat!)…this year, Culturally Fixated  is joined by the equally fabulous and hilarious

Magda Apanowicz

Magda - Kyle xy

Andy Jenson – Kyle XY

Where to start!! There’s something about Magda that made it just *IMPOSSIBLE* for me to stay in interview mode – she’s that sort of person that I immediately started chatting to as though we were life long friends!

We discuss Christmas and her two Christmas TVM for Scifi (I refuse to call them siffy) – Snowmageddon and the 12 Disasters of Christmas.

Then we took a meander down ‘genera’ lane and chat about the appeal of Sci Fi and the huge emotions and stories that can be told. Kyle XY, Caprica, Caontinuum, Battlestar Galactica – it’s so wonderful to find an actor that loves ‘my’ shows as much as I do.

Magda - Caprica

Lacy Rand – Caprica


Oh, and did I mention she’s a Buffy fan. There’s a point where you can almost hear us swoon across two different continents over Spike…that is to say James Masters.

We cast a quick eye over two of her recent (released if not shot recently) films – A Reason and The Green Inferno and Magda compares the mediums of TV and film to  come round to a favourite medium for telling stories.

We briefly touch upon some of her hobbies outside of acting – including travelling and both her Canadian and Polish roots. Finally we chat about the upcoming year!

magda - continuum - gif

Kicking ass as Emily – Continuum



We swear. No two ways about it. I mean, we’ve not vulgar, heaven forfend…just passionate people with expressive vocabularies…
We *RUIN* practically every show that we mention – especially Caprica, Continuum (up to season 3) and discuss in detail the atrocious ending of Kyle XY. Aspects of Battlestar Galactica.

Some of the music that we both love!

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All about that Base, No Rebels – Team Unicorn

Love the lyrics here (though pretty sure Lando destroyed it the second time) though the cheerleader outfits threw me for a second…it’s set in a galaxy far far away right?

Hope you enjoy!!

If nothing else, you’re welcome for the earworm!

Visit Team Unicorn website HERE

Find more of their unique music videos on the Team Unicorn YouTube channel – HERE

Two Beatles Songs

Himself and I were discussing artists that were considered a bit naff when we were younger, but that we had always loved.

The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Abba were at the top of my list.

My two favourite’s Beatles songs are Blackbird and Dear Prudence.

(For an alternative brilliant version of Dear Prudence – check out THIS version from the Beatles based musical Across the Universe)

Do you have any musical loves that you didn’t always feel were so cool? Who are they and which are your favourite songs?

The Doubleclicks – Nothing to Prove

I apologise now to anyone kind enough to follow more than one of my blogs. This is going to be a cross-post.

It’s just BRILLIANT and I’m actually a little emotional after reading many of the placards. 
For such a long time I would refuse to call myself a geek (aside from the whole ‘do I really need to put a label on this?’) because I felt that I hadn’t anything like the knowledge base to justify the title. 
It was meeting people like @SteveCult, @BookElfLeeds @Cidergirli, @LYOC8, our awesome Browncoats captian and the team at @OKComics that demonstrated that ‘Geek’ isn’t a closed garden, a preserve of tech wizards – rather it’s anything that makes you passionate, inspires you and teaches you outside of the mainstream. 
Fortunately, I’ve never encountered any gender based bias so I would have been just as happy to have an equal gender mix of geeks represented in the video. 
The cons that I attend are usually fairly evenly split and the guys that attend aren’t dicks so it’s never been an issue for me personally, ditto with my book clubs and certainly within the Whedon fandom, equality and inclusion tends to be a given.  
But from the reports coming out of certain sections of the gaming community and fandom as a whole in the US, I appreciate the need for this song and the wonderful representation it provides. 
Anyway, sorry this is a bit long. And possible lacking in coherency. I’m just in the midst of having all the *feels* right now. 
Must be a chick thing right? 😉  
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