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Reed Diamond – Christmas Special the Second

Once again Culturally Fixated is joined by our Special Correspondent in LA to celebrate Christmas!!

Welcome back to the fabulous, the funny, the festive


daniel whitehall gifWhat a chat!! We cover all sorts of everything – we dove straight in and began discussing Marvel, comics, Agents of SHIELD and Reed’s reunion with Jed Whedon, Mo Tancharoen and Dichen Lachman. From there – it was a hectic head first trip down the rabbit hole as we covered Rossum, Hydra, the spectrum of TV villains and the parallels of the fictional and real world.

Then onto Reed’s insanely busy 2014 – from Wayward Pines to the final season of Franklin and Bash, to working with Malcolm McDowell and his first foray in comedy (on TV anyway), then onto State of Affairs and back again.


as Daniel Whitehall


All the while joined by Monkey (an actual magical monkey) and Donald (the inebriated and obscenely snobby elf). Daniel Whitehall – yup, heartless evil Nazi Hydra leader – even serenaded us with a chilling rendition of Jingle Bells.

Oh and I taught Reed how *not* to say Nollaig Shona (Merry Christmas in Irish).

We’ve very good. Practically not offensive at all.
Agents of SHIELD. We ruin the living daylights out of the first half of the second season.
And the end part of the first.
Oh, we also assume that everyone is up to speed on Dollhouse and Much Ado About Nothing. Because why wouldn’t you be?




Reed Diamond – Christmas Special the Second

Reed Diamond – Christmas Special
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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

y’all know I’m a fan, right?

Season 02 is not off to a strong start for me.

Aside from the way that mental health is being depicted and the complete lack of support offered to those struggling with theirs…which I have a feeling will be a mini-podcast-rant very soon…


Guess who has been confirmed:



Re-watching Angel

20140808-114242 am-42162786.jpgAngel is the only one of the Whedon stable of shows where I don’t feel like I have to start at the very beginning and work my way through till the end. With the exception of Connor and the whoe Shanshu propechy; I think that it’s probably because it’s less arc orientated than Buffy (and of course, there are two few Firefly to feel the need to watch in any order OTHER than the intended viewing one and Dollhouse is worth watching in order as it takes such huge leaps and strides forward in terms of story telling, concept and arc).

So I started with season 4, as it’s my always been my least favourite. The whole Cordy-Connor thing, just….wigs me out. And I actually like Connor for the most part – it was a story that had such potential but ended up being so icky (till his glorious redemptive turn in season 5).

Started on season 2 now. No idea why I remember this one as having been less than stellar – the first few eps are GREAT! Still feel the lack of Doyle though. *sob*

Planning on season 3 next, then it’s the ultimate season off – 1 vs 5… I think Spike might just win it out over Doyle…maybe!


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